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Are you planning a beach holiday? Are you searching for the best beaches in the world? If so, look no further. With our beach holiday guide, the world's best beaches are just a keystroke away!


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Yasawa Island, Fiji
Yasawa Island, Fiji – Image courtesy of Yasawa Island Resort and Spa

Top Beaches in the world

While there are literally thousands of gorgeous beaches scattered around the world, all offering their own charm and beauty, there remain a few singularly beautiful places that are truly spectacular and exceed one's every expectation for the ultimate beach holiday.

We feature a choice of the very best beach holiday destinations in the world, from secluded holiday spots to atmospheric and cosmopolitan resorts complete with exciting nightlife options.

Our in-depth guide reveals everything you need to know about the world’s best holiday destinations, featuring detailed information about the best beaches, attractions and things to do, accommodation options and the ideal time to visit each beach holiday destination.

Find the best beaches in the South Pacific, Australia and Asia as well as Europe, the Caribbean and the Americas. Get ideas about unique island and beach holiday destinations and let us help you plan your next holiday.

Find the world's best beaches in 2018 or explore some of the most popular beach holiday destinations in the world for an unforgettable beach holiday.

Find the perfect location for your beach holiday, today!

Beach holiday destinations – Bahamas
Top 10 Beaches
Asia beach holiday destinations – Langkawi, Malaysia
Australian beach holiday destinations – Hamilton Island, Whitsundays
South Pacific beach holiday destinations – New Caledonia
South Pacific
Best Beach – Caribbean
The Caribbean
Indian Ocean beach holiday destinations – Maldives, Indian Ocean
Africa + Indian Ocean
Europe beach holiday destinations – Santorini, Greece
Best Beach – Cabo san Lucas, Mexico
Hawaii + Americas
Best Beach Wedding – Fiji
Beach Weddings

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The is an online guide to the best beach holiday destinations in the world featuring comprehensive information about the best resorts, nearby attractions, exciting things to do at each beach location, local etiquette (i.e. some countries and cultures frown on topless sunbathing) as well as weather conditions and how to get there.

Our mission is to provide up-to-date and relative information about the world's best beaches so couples can make an informed decision on what is the best and most appropriate destination for their beach holiday.

We believe in original and unbiased content in keeping you informed about the world's best beach destinations. We are continually growing, updating and adding new content. Make us your home page, add us to your bookmarks or to your Google Toolbar, today.

Latest update about top beach holiday destinations: 12 February, 2018

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